UTJA Karaoke Night

Hello friends! UTJA is hosting Karaoke Night on Nov 11th!
Finally done your exams and wanna come hang and chill? Sign up now before it’s too late!

Admission fee for BOTH members and non members will be $10, but UTJA members will be able to select one FREE items on our special menu!!

**We will be shutting down the signing list once we have reached the capacity of 30 people**

Sorry for any inconvenience:( We would love to have everyone but it is physically impossible to fit too many people in two karaoke rooms.. LOL

Anyhow, you can sign up in the link below:

The event fee is $10 for everyone but all registered UTJA members will get their choice of a simple menu item! Please provide exact change at the event!
Look forward to seeing you guys! ♥