UTJA Tanabata (七夕)

Hey everyone! I hope you are all enjoying your summer! UTJA is hosting its first summer event this year! The theme is Tanabata (七夕)! At our event, visitors will be able to participate in activities such as a wishing tree (on a bamboo tree) and fortune telling. They also learn how to make Tanabata decorations by using origami papers. While exploring the story and significance of the Tanabata festival, they can enjoy delicious sweet Takoyaki as dessert. Come and celebrate Tanabata with UTJA!
Price for attendance:

There are two options.
1) $10 membership fee for 2017-2018 (this will have access to most of our events during 2017-2018)
2) Entry for only this event: $5

Register here as soon as possible! (max: 35 people)