About Us

Hi! Thank you for visiting our website!

The University of Toronto Japan Association (UTJA) was established in May 2012 with the purpose of promoting and facilitating the exchange of Japanese culture and language between students and non-students both on and off campus. We are here to serve as a platform for people with an interest in Japan and its culture to connect with one another.

This club is fully run by students at the University of Toronto. Our activities include monthly events such as Sushi Parties, Pub Nights, and Oshougatsu (New Year’s) Events, as well as weekly language exchange sessions. These events allow people from inside and outside the university to meet other people from various cultural backgrounds.

UTJA membership is by no means limited to University of Toronto students of Japanese origin or descent. UTJA membership is open for anyone within and outside the University community. UTJA shall not stand for any acts of discrimination against age, sex, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, or ability. All members shall have freedom of speech, beliefs, expression, thought and creed.

UTJA is dedicated to the promotion of Japanese culture and language, as well as promoting awareness of Japanese historical, political and social issues through various events. The UTJA is fully run by students of UofT who have interests in Japan and its culture.

Our objectives include:

  • Promoting Japanese culture through various events
  • Providing language exchange opportunities to members who are learning Japanese with those who are learning English
  • Promoting the exchange of information about employment opportunities in Japan by organizing seminars for Career Forum and JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching) program
  • Enhancing social networks within the Japanese student body and with other cultural communities on campus

1. Academic Field

We will invite guest speakers from various companies such as Disco International, the organizer of the Boston Career Forum for Japanese-English bilinguals, KIKOKUGO, and Global Career Solutions. Also, information sessions will be held which will provide information about exchange opportunities for students who wish to go to Japan as well as participate in the JET program.

The JET program is administered by the Japanese Council of Local Authorities for International Relation (CLAIR) which works in cooperation with local government organizations. It aims at promoting grass-roots international exchange between Japan and other nations by inviting non-Japanese students to become English teachers in Japan.

UTJA will also host monthly language exchange sessions between English speakers and Japanese speakers with the aim of improving both Japanese and non-Japanese students’ language skills.

2. Social Field

In order to follow through with our objectives, we aim to hold at least one social event every month. These include pub nights, sushi parties, field trip to Japan-town, and other miscellaneous culture-themed events. We will also hope to plan joint events with other clubs on campus. In addition, we are planning to have an info-session for Japanese students who are not familiar with Toronto and the University of Toronto.

3. Food Fiesta

Other than offering events to our members, we will also share the Japanese culture with the greater U of T community. Food Festa will offer great Japanese traditional food, games, music, and much more throughout the school year. We are aiming for cultural exchange between theJapanese students and non-Japanese students as they come together to prepare the food. It is one of the biggest event plans we have in second semester of academic year. It will be hosted on campus for a day; all members are welcome to be involved in role of cooking, selling and advertising. The food will be sold for reasonable price. All the profit made from the Food Festa will be used will be budget for the future events. The members will get a chance to not only enjoy the event but also to be a part of a great team by planning it.